Paul Richter

What first catches my attention in a scene is usually a pattern. Maybe call it a proto-composition—something that could become a decent composition if I crop it out of its surroundings right and tweak the saliency of its various parts. Most often it’s a pattern in the natural world, but not always.

The photography began with a simple desire to show friends and family things I had seen. I’m basically an explorer, in all senses, and I get to some interesting places, and I like to share them with anyone who’s interested. Over time my interest in the images themselves grew. Well, actually it started earlier than that—everything we do has a longer history than we’re usually aware of. My mother was a painter, and I drew a lot as a kid, mainly animals and their world. And I seem to have been born a, I don’t know if you’d best call it an ecologist or a nature mystic, anyway, a kid who harangued people about respecting nature and pondered how it all fit together and our place in it. And my academic background was in psychology, which is about the relationships between our subjective and objective worlds. That belongs in there somewhere. My day job, when I had one, involved its share of exploration and psychology, but the ecology and art got sort of pushed to the sidelines until I was free of the need to make a living and otherwise conform to expectations.

Currently I spend considerable time in a van full of camping and photographic gear. And books and first-aid stuff. And, at home, exploring ways to transmit my experiences in little rectangles.

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Morning Sun © Paul Richter

Blue Pillow © Paul Richter

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