Mary Ambrose

Mary Ambrose is an artist, designer, and landscape architect. She is a dreamer, a visionary, she is curious, she appreciates the eclectic. The Indiana-born artist grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan, spending her formative years nurtured by a Lithuanian-American family with ties to Chicago and all its culture and museums. Mary dreamily remembers being imprinted by the Monet exhibit of water-lilies — the paintings were taller than her (she was 10 yrs. old). And when she was put into a watercolor workshop at the age of 11, she knew she wanted to be a painter. At college age, Ambrose moved from the midwest to the west coast and currently resides in Leucadia, CA. For 35 years she lived in the mountain town of Bishop, CA at the base of the Sierra Nevada Range. First working with the USDA Forest Service, then later opening her own coffeehouse. For nine years between Bishop and Leucadia, Mary and her husband travelled the world and lived in thirty-three different locations - from Japan, to Guam, to all of Europe. This has greatly influenced Ambrose’s creative multi-cultural style. Her most recent series of oil paintings are titled “LEAVE NO TRACE”. She places only the outline of people into the Anza Borrego desert. She wants to convey a message that weather and wilderness need no human witnesses. "I adore this desert area, it’s so full of light and freshness, and the people are so happy. My heart always thrives in the desert.” Mary has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Landscape Architecture from Purdue University and Cal Poly, Pomona.

Image: The Hike

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