Kathleen McVey

Kathleen is a native Californian who has always been inspired by the natural beauty of her home state.

This inspiration created her desire to express herself through art and painting. As her passion for art developed, her paintings were further influenced by her studies of the great masters of the Renaissance, Impressionism and Expressionism. She also devoted her time to painting and studying art with local and international artists Jacque Bradley, R.J. Wharton, and Jean McNeil Sargent. As a result, her paintings range from realism to non objective works that are characterized by vibrant colors, light and energy. She works in oils, acrylics, mixed-media, and collage.

Kathleen is an award winning artist who has exhibited her paintings in solo and group juried shows throughout San Diego county. She is a founding member of the Sargent Art Group.

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Lavender Fields / © Kathleen McVey

High Tide / © Kathleen McVey

Small Treasures / © Kathleen McVey

Beau Blue / © Kathleen McVey

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