Christa Chapian

Christa Chapian is a sculptor based in Southern California. She works with clay, glass, bronze and aluminum.  Her work is an expression of the treasure that resides in our human experience as well as the insatiable curiosity to unearth more.Chapian has been the events director for the Sargent Art Group since 2016 where she organizes art exhibits for the membership. Christa shows her work in galleries in Del Mar, Solana Beach, Carlsbad, San Diego and her work is in private as well as public collections.

Artists Statement:
Doing the inner work is good for the soul. Clear perception plus interpretation equals profound awareness . Through my artwork, I create forms that expand from the inside outward to express our natural desire for harmony of body, mind and spirit. I am influenced by the ancient artifacts of the world that express the difficult work of life: the digging and discovery that takes us back to our authentic self. My work pays tribute to the work of chipping away at old beliefs and histories so that we can express  the truth inside.

Christa Chapian / Sculptor

Medium: Glass, Clay, Aluminum, Bronze

Images left to right:

Trinity: Clay

Zaftig: Glass

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