Aura Suarez

Since the age of 7 I lived in the country side of Sativanorte, Boyaca Colombia with my grandfathers and indigenous family. I learned to weave with them weaving ponchos and blankets. But I had an idea to mix leaves and sticks into my weaving. I began to dye with leaves, roots and fruits. At 13 years old I moved to the capital Bogota, and started to visit museums galleries and artists’ studios where I learned more about other techniques, designs, color combinations etc. Constantly visiting indigenous families, I was entering more into the indigenous mind set, and learned how important weaving is in finding inner peace and how to enter in HARMONY WITH THE PLANET I started to mix fibers and colors to create tapestries and faces of my indigenous people I worked in three-dimensions using natural fibers from plants. MY CONTEXT: Mixing Indigenous and Spanish techniques is my first memory of my peoples way. Reflecting about the weavers who handmade their clothes in the past and still do in the present. This gave me a contact with the old technology and made me happy to know the two routs. MY OBJECTIVES: To teach children about the culture so do they not forget the rich tradition especially in my family. MY THEMES: From my memories of younger days. MY FORMATS: From 10 Inches to 30 feet.

Image: My Indian Mother / Woven Art

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