AnnaRenee Walker

As a young artist, I would find my way to museums to learn independently of other artists' works. I kept this part of me a secret from all that knew me most of my life until now. I had a need to protect and not to be influenced by the opinions of others. This is my inner Bio. My outer biography is much easier to express. I was born and raised in San Diego during a time when the canyons were my playground (a child's playground). My great-grandfather would herd his cattle between El Cajon and San Diego along the Otay valley corridor before there were roads and highways. My brothers, cousins, and I would sit in the giant fig tree on the ranch to eat and pick figs for lunch. It was a wonderful time for my family. It was pure serenity. Later, as the area became more populated, I had read in geographic literature the title of a book about San Diego as a "Lost Paradise". I saw it change and grow so quickly to the point of abruptness. Change is included in my art. It is up to you to recognize it.

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