"There is a degree of creativity in all."
 "The way creativity develops is by using it.
 "The more you create, the more you create."

                                                          J. McNeil Sargent



About SAG

Sargent Art Group (SAG) is a partnership of professional and emerging artists and patrons of the arts working together to support and encourage one another, as well as to protect the rights of artists. Our organization is governed by volunteers.

Affiliations & Alliances
Oceanside Museum Art Alliance Oceanside Art Walk Front Porch Gallery Solana Beach Library Del Mar Art Center Off Track Gallery Carlsbad/Oceanside Art League L'Abaurge Hotel L Street Gallery Rancho Buena Vista Gallery Herbert B Turner Gallery San Diego Museum Artist Guild.

Support SAG
Together we can do things as a group that we may not be able to accomplish as individuals. “Networking” is a valuable and fun way to promote our art. Our yearly dues of $40 help defray costs for monthly meetings, group exhibitions, social events, critiques, advertising, and newsletters.

Monthly Meetings
To be announced . . .
or check members page.

The Sargent Art Group was founded by Jean McNeil Sargent, whose exuberance for life was inspiration for many. McNeil passed away in October of 2012. She is always with us in spirit.

Her memoir
"My Affair with Art", McNeils 48 page book of memoirs includes over 25 color images and many wonderful stories of her life.


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